launches short video walkthroughs for a better real estate discovery experience.

August 3, 2022

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You can now get a video tour of a home, check out a neighborhood, or get market updates with an effortless swipe of your finger. That’s TopHouse.
Digital real estate discovery keeps getting better and faster. There was a time when most MLS listings had missing or poor quality photos. Today, many listings come with video walkthroughs. Agents are beginning to create great short video content on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube in order to inform buyers and sellers.
If you’re a real estate enthusiast browsing content on Instagram or TikTok, you’re shown unrelated content in between swipes. Often you see homes that may be in geographic areas you aren’t interested in. If you’re browsing on a Zillow-type app, consuming video walkthroughs is a cumbersome experience. If you see homes on social media platforms that you like, your only avenue of getting the property information is messaging the person that posted it, or trying to switch between apps to search the address. Often, the listing may be sold, or non-existent!
TopHouse allows home enthusiasts to view real-estate-listing video content in their interested geographic area, use search filters like property type and price, get additional up-to-date details about a listing, and even schedule a viewing, all within one easy-to-use app.
TopHouse provides real estate professionals an opportunity to grow their clients, demonstrate their expertise in a local market, and show their creative content to a real estate focused audience. As an agent, you no longer have to painstakingly grow your social media followers only to discover a lack of conversion from them. Your videos on TopHouse get viewed by actual home buyers and sellers.
“TikTok and other short video platforms have proven how enjoyable immersive short videos can be,” says Ben Amir, TopHouse’s co-founder and CEO. “TopHouse brings this enjoyable experience locally to homes and neighbourhoods that you care about.”
“Shows like Million Dollar Listing or Love it or List It were the old generation of real estate media,” says Ben Amir. “Today, buyers and sellers are increasingly consuming this type of content on their phones through social media platforms where a broader group of real estate influencers are creating video content. TopHouse combines this engaging content with the real estate information that home shoppers need.”
Anybody can download the TopHouse app on the App store or Google Play Store and instantly start discovering the properties and neighbourhoods in their area through short, fun videos.
“It was always frustrating for me that the real estate videos posted on social media were not linked to the listing details I cared about,” says Hanna Miller, a home enthusiast working towards obtaining her real estate licence.  “TopHouse lets me see the listing’s price and key info right at the bottom of the video. And with a single click, I can access the full listing, including price history, pictures, and comparable homes sold in the area. The app is incredibly fun to use, and it has saved me time with my search.”
“It has always been hard to get a true feel for the different spaces and flows inside a home with just pictures,” says Alex, a young professional who just bought his first home. “Through videos on TopHouse, it’s easy to do this quickly for many properties. This means you waste less time booking viewings for homes that don’t fit your needs.”
To learn more, visit or download the TopHouse app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

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